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What To Expect In CNA Classes

Posted on July 14 2013 by Ponjor Blun

What to expect in CNA classes? CNA classes are meant for those who intend to train to become a certified nursing assistant. These classes cover the curriculum which teaches students on what they are to do.

Part of what you will be taught in class includes

  • Grooming: here you will be taught methods to achieve this faster
  • Bathing: you be taught ways to lift from the bed into the bathroom
  • Taking temperature: you will be taught how to take accurately take temperature of patients and record them
  • Taking vital signs: you will be showed several ways of achieving this
  • Bed making: bed making can become a daunting task but you will be shown how to adequately make a bed in a short period of time
  • Ensuring medication is used: ensuring that patients used their drugs makes them well quickly.
  • Wheeling: for patients who have lost the ability to walk you will be taught how to lift them from the bed and how to wheel them around with minimal effort
  • Lifting: you will be doing a lot of lifting. There techniques that will be taught that will show you how to do this with little effort
  • Basic nursing: you will be taught what is expected here
  • Dressing wounds: you will be taught how to do this efficientlyetc.

Just to mention a few, the above are part of the curriculum that you will be taught in the class. So ensure that you are familiar with them all this subject or causes will be taught as practical’s, what you will be taught in the classroom includes rules and regulation guarding the profession. You will also be taught courtesy of the job and how you are to comport yourself.

In training students are required to meet a 100 hours of training which is a minimum requirement. In this training hour’s student must be trained in the classroom and in practical’s under the supervision of a qualified tutor who has been approved by the state to function in the role because of the knowledge he or she has over the years.

After completion students must challenge the state certification examination which is divided into two namely the paper based examination and the practical based examination where students will be asked to conduct practical activities they have were taught in class.

Students who pass there examination will be given license to practice in the state after two weeks of passing their examination. When license is issued names of the students on the license is also entered into the state registry for verification and authentication

Here is a video on new cna class experience

What To Expect In CNA Classes
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